Disaster Recovery

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How much money do you lose if you go off of the air because of

  • Destructive weather events
  • Uplink equipment failures
  • Maintenance requiring power-downs
  • A broken piece in your technology chain
  • Negligence by an outside construction or telecom firm
  • Or any other unforeseen event that threatens your broadcast, your programming and your customers

NPR Distribution Services offers a Disaster Recovery service. Drawing upon NPRDS' 35 years of experience and customer service, Disaster Recovery provides the confidence and security of knowing your network cannot be compromised.
When is the best time to think about your Plan B?
When disaster strikes and you're off the air, or well beforehand when you still have time to back up your entire operation with a partner that services networks all across North America?
Take the advantage now and contact us to learn more about NPRDS Disaster Recovery.