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What is it?
 A full distribution service that allows networks to send programming to stations without the need or expense of operating a local head end.  Enjoy all of the benefits of a fully staffed, 24/7 world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) without the costs, requirements, set-up, licenses, waiting periods and other necessities to distribute your programs.

How Does It Work:
Stations send their programming to The Hub, and we uplink your content to our satellite, which will then deliver it to your station network.

Who Should Use It:
Any radio network looking to deliver programming to stations efficiently and economically.

Why Should a Network Use It:

  • Tremendous cost and resource savings
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Full redundancy for reliability
  • Avoidance of licensing costs and requirements

What Will It Cost:
A fraction of the cost of setting up and maintaining a local head end.

Advanced Features

  • Receiver and Network Configuration Management
    • Through the satellite or the internet
    • Receiver health tracking and monitoring
  • Advanced Scheduler
    • Schedule programs for a specific device
    • Schedule time-shifting events
    • Schedule live/recorded overlays over live/recorded programs
  • File Deliveries (Store/Forward)
    • Through the satellite or the internet
    • Content can be delivered to local storage or a network share with ease
    • Delivery tracking and confirmation
    • Not limited to audio files
  • Spot insertion - Regional Commercial Insertion
    • Insert regionalized content on each position of every avail
    • Insert different regionalized content on time-shifted programs
    • Insertion tracking and reporting

How the HUB @ NPRDS Works



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